The Ministry of Glenn H Jackson devoted to building the End Times Glorious Church. He’s had some Powerful Visions and Revelations. Online Devotionals and Audio teachings available. Highly Recommended.

JTL Ministries

Ministry of David Murray: Understanding our Identity and Dominion in Christ. Many Podcasts available.

Zeal for Your House

Former Army Special Forces who goes by the name of The Colonel. Teachings and a focus on Deliverance. Takes calls from all over the Nation on his Sunday Night Radio Show.

A Moment with the Colonel

Deliverance Expert Scott Hensler with a focus on the secret CIA Gang Stalking/Targeted Individuals and Psychotronic Warfare of the End Times. The Demonic and Technology are fusing.

Scott Hensler Ministies

Scott’s Blog Talk channel: Tin Foil Hat Club

Scott on Youtube: Scott Hensler

Malcolm Smith Ministries. Look for him on itunes too for podcasts.

Unconditional Love

Malcolm’s Youtube Channel:  Malcolm Smith Webinars

The Shepherd’s Chapel. Pastor Arnold Murray has passed away, but his teachings live on. Chapter by chapter, verse by verse study of the Bible.

Shepherd’s Chapel

On Youtube: Official Channel     Playlist of teachings

Ministry of Russ Dizdar with a focus on Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance.

Shatter the Darkness

The Classic Ministry of Derek Prince. Timeless Teachings.

Derek Prince Minstries

On Youtube: Derek Prince Channel        Derek Prince Playlist

Fellowship of the Martyrs Youtube Channel   — The Liberty Farm

Breakthrough Deliverance Sanctuary

Prophetic Message Blog Talk Radio Channel

Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval                    Bride Ministries




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