Who is Israel?

First of all lets examine the ‘Star of David’. Is there really anything biblical about it? Is it really connected to David in any way? Or to Solomon, who fell into deep Idolatry and could have adopted the symbol from one of the foreign gods he worshiped.

Israeli Flag

  1. The star was mentioned and condemned by the God of Israel in Amos 5:26 and it was called by Him, `the star of your god, Moloch’ or otherwise called `Chiun’. Reference to Amos 5:26 and the Israelites having it in the wilderness was also made in Acts 7:43. Here it was called the Star of Remphan. All these names refer to the `god’ Saturn.
  2. The foregoing verifies that it was therefore in existence long before the time of Solomon. He took this symbol upon himself when he went into idolatry, and it became known as the `Seal of Solomon’ in Arabic magic and witchcraft.
  3. There was no usage of it in Jewish circles until the 17th century when the cabalist, Isaac Luria, introduced it in Germany.
  4. Mayer Amschel Bauer then used it in Germany to identify his address, consequently changing his family name to Rothschild, meaning `Red Shield’, and depicting the red hexagram hanging on his door. He later incorporated it into his family coat of arms.
  5. The six-pointed star or hexagram became the insignia of Zionism.
  6. Hitler rose to power, using it as a badge of shame, forcing all Jews to wear it during the Nazi regime.
  7. It arrived at the Knesset of the newly formed State of Israel.
  8. It became the logo of the Jewish `Red Cross’ called the Magen David Adom.
  9. It became the centerpiece on the flag of Israel.
  10. Surreptitiously, it has become the international symbol of the Jewish people and saturates the world as the Jewish Star.

What is the True Symbol of the Hebrew People? Six pointed star is the number of man, Seven is God’s Holy number of Spiritual Perfection. Which number would YOU rather identify with? God or man?



In fact, modern DNA evidence proves that most of the people living in modern Israel are not of the tribe of Judah at all. Some people call Texe Marrs a Jew-Hater, anti-Semetic, ect. I do wish he would clarify when he says the word Jew in his other literature that he’s talking about imposter Jews, and not actual descendents of Judah because it gets confusing. The word is confusing in itself because it can refer to someone simply living in the land, a physical descendent, or someone who has adopted Judaism. If someone refers to themselves that way, how else are we supposed to define them? But anyways, here is an article from him: “Jews” are not Descendents of Abraham.

Also, a lot of people say that Two House Teaching (lost 10 tribes) started with Herbert Armstrong and the World Wide Church of God. That’s just not true. It is simple bible study. This guy addresses some of those issues.


The modern nation of Israel is the Fig Tree from the parable. It is a very important Parable to learn. The birth of Israel tells us we are in the Last Generation. But does that somehow make Israel a holy nation? Far from it. Jesus cursed the Fig Tree. Here is a study on the Good and Bad Figs. Israel is made up of mostly Bad Figs. They have very little ‘Fruits of Righteousness’.

Notice Jeremiah 24:2. There are Good Figs, and Bad Figs.

Both are set before the Temple of The LORD. In Jerusalem today, there are two FIG TREES that were planted on MAY 14, 1948. There are both Good Figs, and Bad Figs planted in the land of Palestine.

Who are the Good Figs?

The Good Figs are descendants of the House of Judah, that is, they are bloodline descendants from one of the 12 Tribes of Israel-The Tribe of Judah.

Who are the Bad Figs?

Among the people that we call Jews today, are a people who are NOT JUDEANS at all. We are Warned about “…those who SAY that they are Jews, and are not..” in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

Well, if they are not Judeans, then WHO are these Imposters?

He goes on to say that they are the Kenites. Yes, Kenites and the descendents of Esau (who God hated), the Edomites. This FACT is pointed out in the book below by Stephen Jones.

The modern nation of Israel in fact has some very anti-Christian traits as pointed out in this article by the National Prayer Network.

Israel also has a lot of control over the United States. Since when does the church or any people truly following the bible wield such political power? Politics is the devils arena. Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world. No true follower of the bible is going to last in politics without playing ball with the NWO. Cynthia McKinney was one of the few Honest people in Congress. And that is why they ran her out of office.



Here are some good resources for study. It is sometimes called Christian Identity, British Israelism, Two House, ect. I just call it Bible Study. Some of those names have negative reputations. Don’t let some name stand in the way of serious, valid Bible Study. “Oh, I’ve heard of that, and I don’t believe it” some will probably say. Well, you’ve “heard” of it, but have you ever done any research for yourself?


Book by Dr Stephen E Jones at Gods-Kingdom-Ministries

The Struggle for the Birthright

The dispute over that thin strip of land called Palestine and Israel has been the single issue in the past fifty years that is dragging the world into disaster. Many Christians have foreseen this great conflict by reading the Bible, but very few really understand how God views it. This book traces the history of that conflict from the beginning.


You can read the book Judah’s Scepter Joseph’s Birthright here.


Here is a good website: Jews and Joes

Joes referring to those descended from the Twin Tribes of Joseph.


Book by E Raymond Capt: The Abrahamic Covenant.

Many more books be E Raymod Capt can be purchased here.

And more books on the lost tribes and their migrations.


“In A.D. 33 the most power-packed drama in the history of Mankind was acted out when Roman soldiery nailed Jesus Christ to the cross at the instigation of the fanatical leadership of the Sanhedrin. Though seemingly unimportant at the time this incident was followed by the most important and significant event in all of history . . . the resurrection imagemagic.phpof Jesus Christ. From this unique and unparalleled event sprang the greatest missionary movement of all time as His disciples began to take His Kingdom message (as He had instructed them to do) to the “lost sheep” of the House of Israel.

This book documents the travels of not just the twelve disciples but many more after they left Judea and journeyed to distant lands as they carried the Gospel message. The list includes Joseph of Arimathea Mary the mother of Jesus Mary Magdalene Lazarus Paul Peter and scores of others. Although the title implies the disciples were “lost” they were really only lost to history for a while.

This author did not rely on tradition or fanciful tales. Rather he researched historical sources for the information; ancient Roman French British and Greek manuscripts. The volume of evidence is amazing and exciting. It confirms that Paul brought Christianity to Rome about A.D. 56 and documents that Joseph of Arimathea carried the word to Great Britain in A.D. 36.

Mr. Jowett also demonstrates that ancient Britains were not barbarians as they have so often been described by the establishment historian. There was a well organized society in the 1st century. In fact Britain was the only land that Rome could not conquer. Nation after nation fell before Roman armies for hundreds of years but not the British Isles; not even after Emperor Claudius issued his edict to exterminate all Christians everywhere. The Isles were victorious because of highly trained well-equipped armies who defended their country in the name of Jesus Christ.

One doesn’t have to be British or of British ancestry to develop as you read a great sense of sympathy and affection for these early Christians who gave their lives in defense of home family and church so their descendants would have the freedoms they now enjoy. Drama of the Lost Disciples is an excellent work.”

256 pages


I don’t agree with everything Scriptures for America puts out. But definitely food for thought.

Brother Nathanael’s Youtube Channel

Texe Marrs website


And so if America is Israel, that means the  Ezekial 38 War with Russia/China will take place here, as so many Watchman have seen.

Steve Collins on lost 10 tribes and Ezekial 38

Russia’s 1951 Plan to invade Alaska¬†….what do you suppose the new tunnel from Russia to Alaska is for? They claim it will be for ‘trade’. It is for the invasion.




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  1. A thought, since this type of thing has come up before. The Nazis took a Hindu symbol and com

  2. Jay, I don’t think that is a good example. That was a Hindu symbol, not biblical. Nowhere in the Temple can you find the Star of David. The Menorah on the other hand was central. I’ve heard people say that the star can be found on the Pomegranates on the priests robe. Nobody would ever have seen it however, unless lying on ones back. And if that is the case, why not use a Pomegranate? I welcome any further discussion and what you think of the rest of the info.

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